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SMART Meter Rollout 2020

LBN were delighted to be asked by a major fund manager to provide a market analysis of the UK energy market with specific reference to the introduction and roll out of Smart meters.


The fund wanted to understand the impact of this roll out to inform their proposed major investment in a Meter Asset Manager (MAP)


LBN provided a comprehensive report.

An analysis of the market inclusive of the key providers. Covering SWOT analysis and market share the report provided insights allowing the fund to comprehend the UK energy market. 

Advising a Meter Asset Provider (MAP)

LBN were asked to advise and work on a transformation project with one of the Meter Asset Providers (MAP). 

LBN streamlined and mapped 'as is' and 'to be' processes whilst implementing a business process repository system.

LBN worked on process improvement, strategy and transformation projects dealing with traditional meters and the upcoming rollout of smart meters.

     Delivering an end to end process development to the client  improving invoicing accuracy by 8% and overall productivity by 5%. 

LBN supports Client A during RFP process
LBN supports client A during a RFP process with a contract value in excess of $100m

A highly respected global aviation company requested LBN to support them in their pre-bid assessment process.

  1. To review the recently released RFP

  2. Specifically, technically required qualifications.

  3. Provide Risks and Opportunities Matrix.

  4. Review and Suggest potential partners.

In a two week time frame LBN produced a comprehensive assessment providing in depth insights in an advisory capacity. Drawing on previous experience in similar commercial activities LBN were able to provide detailed contractual analysis of the requirements formatted in such a way as to provide the client with specific and tangible advice suggesting alternate methodologies and strategies for the client proposal.

An essential element of the assignment was to supply the client with a strategy to deal with inbound and outbound logistics to landlocked African countries. A detailed analysis of the alternative logistics strategies was undertaken. Specifically the barge traffic through inland waterways; combined with risk and reward strategies.

Expert knowledge of the Sub-Saharan African road networks enabled LBN to substantially inform the client with logistics strategies that would enable a winning bid.


In combination with a strategic review of the key players in the market and the current economic and geo-political situations enabled.

A full report including presentation was provided to the client. LBN were then involved in the clients final decision making process. This decision process was both strategic and tactical in nature with LBN participating fully.

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